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How to delete elements in Journi Blog

In Journi Blog there are different elements, which can be included, such as:

- maps 🗺
- stickers 😍
- flights ✈️
- weather ☀️

It is always possible to change your mind- so it might also happen, that you decide to delete/exclude elements from your blog and your photo products.

If you just want to delete an element from your photo product, but want to keep it in your Journi, you can just click on it in the preview of your photo product and then click on exclude - it will now show in the excluded elements.

If you want to totally delete it though, you will want to delete it from your Journi. To do that just go to your Journi and click on the element long enough - a screen will pop up, asking you to either delete it or to cancel.

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