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How to log in on an iOS with a Google Account

You might have both, an Android and an iOS device, on which you like to use Journi. On Android devices there is the option of a login to Journi with your Google account, this option doesn't exist on the iOS version ?✖️

In order to log in on your Google-account-based Journi profile on an iOS device, it is not possible to simply log in with your Google password, as this is not the password of your Journi account - in fact you don't even have a Journi password at this point. So what you have to do in this case, is click on Log In  and then press Forgot Password. With this process, a password will be sent to you via mail, with which you can then normally log in with your Google email address ☝?

It might sound a bit confusing at first, but following this procedure you will find out that it is actually quite easy ??‍♂️

Once in your profile, you can of course go to Settings and change the password to one you can remember more easily at every time ?

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