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How can I rotate/crop a picture?

Sometimes it can happen that a picture is rotated the wrong way and twisting your head when looking at your Journi product is just not the way to go 🤪 Or we by accident cut your head off and you need to fix it. Either way, a Journi product should always be perfect and that's why we have our picture editor 😌

Here's how you can turn/rotate/crop/cut your pictures:

  1. Select the "Edit" button
    • In Photo Books you'll have to click on the picture until it's blue in order to get that editing option
    • For Polaroid Pictures and Photo Prints you can click on the top right corner of the picture or select the Edit button at the bottom
  2. Rotate and crop your picture until it's correct
  3. Click "Done" and enjoy your Journi product without getting neck pain or cutting somebodies head off 🥳😂

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