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What happens with my data?

Once synchronization is successful, your uploaded photos, text and more is being sent & stored encrypted on our servers. 

Its super important to us that our users enjoy high security and privacy standards. All communication is secured with TLS encrypted connections and that applies to all accounts, basic or premium. All content is stored redundantly across data centers in Europe, so even if one data center loses its data, your Journis and all your data are still safe .

In easy words: you don't have to worry to lose any data because Journi works like a cloud storage.

If you still want to backup your data yourself, check out Journi Premium

But which data is saved exactly?

Journi stores all data related to your profile. This includes of course your email address, name, which app you use, whether you have premium or not, which country you come from, followers of your Journis + how many Journis you follow, etc. But as soon as you delete your account, this data will be deleted and permanently removed from our servers.

Of course, we also save all your orders, though they will never get deleted because we need to keep the data for accounting purposes (even if you delete your account). With your orders, all data is stored, including the address, which product you have ordered, the delivery method and discount you have used etc.

When you create a Journi in the Journi Blog app, all moments will be stored on our servers. Only when you delete the Journi the data will be permanently deleted 3 months later. Until then, you have time to say it was a mistake and we can restore your Journi  .

The same thing happens with your drafts. When you create a photo book and close the app, a draft is automatically added to the cart. If you delete this draft in the cart, we can restore it within 3 months.

As you can see we really only save the most necessary data, we do that so we can guarantee you a nice experience with Journi. And if you unintentionally delete something, just get in touch with us at and we'll fix your problem immediately  .

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