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Are my products stored - Where?

If you start a product like a photo book, but you want to finish on another day, it’s no problem at all.
ALL of your started creations so books, polaroid pictures and co. are being saved as a a draft immediately when starting a product.

Where can I find my drafts?

  1. Inside the “Shop” Tab you will find the shopping cart on the top right corner
  2. Inside the shopping cart, you will see your finished products in the products section and your drafts in the drafts section. If you click “Edit” you can further edit them.

How long do you store my drafts and products?

We are saving your products for 3 months after inactivity. After that we need to delete them because of storage reasons. Your Journi will of course still be there, so you can go ahead and always start a new book.

Your products are being deleted automatically after 3 months of inactivity!

We can not recover them anymore.

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