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How can I create & edit moments?

A moment is on a wrong date or you want to change the location, add pictures or change a text? Simply edit your moments after you posted them.

How to change the date and time?

  • Click edit (1)
  • In the moment editor you see a small calendar (2) and watch (3) icon

How to change or add a location?

  • Click edit (1)
  • Click on "Add Location" or tap the current location (2)
  • Search for the place you have been or pinch and zoom in the map and long tap to place the pin (3)

If you want to remove a pin simply delete the text inside the location search and save.

How to change the category to have a colored location pin on the map?

  • Click edit (1)
  • In the moment editor you see a colored category pill (2) 
  • Select another category e.g. from nature to worth seeing

What if I'm not finished with my moment yet?

  • Click the "Visible" pill (1)
  • Switch to "Draft" (2)  and save

How can I delete a moment?

  • Click on the moment and hold until more options appear (iOS)
  • Click on the 3 points above the moment to open the options (Android)
  • Click on "delete moment"


You can even create a moment directly from your camera roll:

  • Open your photo library & select all photos you want to add to Journi and click on the SHARE symbol
  • Select the Journi app
  • Add a text, select the category, visibility etc.
  • "Post" - the moment will be automatically created in your Journi

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