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How can I start a Journi?

You are going on an adventure soon and want to make a daily diary/journal about it? Let´s create a new Journi together:

  • Click on the first tab in the bottom tab bar
  • Click on the big square with the plus called New Journi (1)
  • Choose a topic what your Journi is about (travel, family, daily life...) (2)
  • If you select "Travel" or "Getaway" set your desired location in the next screen (3) or simply type in your start location. In our example we typed "Thailand" - all other countries you visit on your way will be added automatically!
  • Click "Create"
  • Now your journal is all set up! By default, your journal is set to secret (4). 
    Click the three dots (settings) to manage all your settings: 
    - set the journal to public or privat
    change the headline of your Journi
    - select a new cover
    - invite friends and family

Or would you rather watch a video? ? 

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  1. Lynn Ongena

    Hoe kan ik een journi album maken via mijn macbook (website versie op laptop)?